Terrestrial laser scanning enables the comprehensive and rapid collection of measured survey data. Our instruments provide high accuracy point clouds and will generate photorealistic colour 3d images to provide a visual historical archive of the built environment taken at the time of the survey.

Immersive visual inspections, measurement details and point co-ordinates can be derived from the model, reducing the requirement for extensive site visits. This is especially useful for hazardous environments such as industrial plants, railways and inside at-risk structures.

Eden Mapping will scan and process the data in bespoke software to ensure a high tolerance referencing for the production of a composite model. This will be in a  format suitable for the client's requirements.

A Revit modelling service is also available to produce both internal and external representations of the point cloud at a level of detail appropriate to the project. The Revit model can also be exported into AutoCAD to provide standard elevations and floor plans.